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Are your staff special?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Special is often used to describe unique and extraordinary staff. Phrases that are often used to describe this person include: "If only I could have 37 [Insert Name], I could just retire!", "If only everyone was like [Insert Name]", or "Wow! I wish I could clone [Insert Name]."

However, we often feel like it is an impossible feat to hire that "special someone". What makes that person "special" anyway? And are all of your "plain and ordinary" staff doomed?

I've attempted to break down the characteristics of special staff, and because I love a good acronym, I've used one here.

Special staff are:


Problem Solvers






Stay tuned for my "SPECIAL" series, where I break down each of these traits, dispel some common myths about them, and provide tips on how to shape staff behavior to establish your own special army.

For a thorough assessment of your workforce, including interventions and implementation management, email me at mellanie@obmconsultant.com.

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